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AMANO Time Stamping Machine PIX-200

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AMANO Time Stamping Machine

Model: PIX-200


The PIX-200 is an all-in-one electronic time recorder and date stamp designed to meet the typical needs and special requirements of contemporary business. The PIX-200 includes a wide variety of standard features and offers a set of optional accessories with unique functions. The clock is ideal for use in applications from simple time and attendance tracking to more sophisticated computer communication and time synchronization.


  • *Automatic Daylight Saving Time Adjustment
  • *31 Selectable Preset Print Style: Prints Year, Month, Day, Date, Hour (AM/PM or 0-23), Minutes, Seconds, 8-Digit Number and Comments in Various Order.
  • *13 Selectable Comments: i.e. RCVD, SENT etc. in 6 Languages (Eng,Spa,Germ,Ita,Fre,Por)
  • *Programmable Customized Comment Imprint (Up to 3 Lines)
  • *Prints Up to Eight (8) Consecutive Numbers with Automatic Reset Function at a Specified Programmed Time

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